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Film Review: The Survivalist

To be honest, I don’t really know what I was expecting from this Post Apocalyptic offering. To say it is not my kind of movie is fair comment, though for what it depicted, I would describe it as ‘earthy’, and … Continue reading

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Poetry and Me

At school, I could never understand the classic poets from history, and confess that the stuff I used to write then was dull and empty, with the rhythm: da di da di da di da, da di da di da … Continue reading

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Body Language

One of the fascinating things about People Watching is you can tell a lot about someone, or a couple, from their body language:  Those who are at ease with each other, even if they’re not holding hands, those who have … Continue reading

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Spiders and The Budget

WARNING ALL ARACHNOPHOBICS: CREEPY CONTENT Looking at this image, I feel brave just writing this as anyone who read my ‘Love ’em or eight ’em’ will understand. To begin. I had a dream last night. And ‘Bert’ here (I call … Continue reading


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