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Good morning to you!

I remember a cartoon from years ago with a duckling singing (annoyingly) ‘Good Morning To You’ to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’, though I can’t for the life of me recall much else. Probably a Tom and Jerry classic (exact … Continue reading

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One more Night

I posted my last entry from the library this morning. Although I don’t understand computers, I have a USB key and remembered to save my document in a slightly different format than what’s available on my laptop which is running … Continue reading

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Nice while it lasted

  The internet is down again. Having marched up to the office thoroughly p’d off, I was told they were still operational and if we were reliant on it, to invest in a booster. We have, one each actually, and … Continue reading

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What the………..

Still no internet access on the Marina and Hubby and I are just a tad more than annoyed. It’s nothing to do with the bad weather, but I have been assured that the tumble dryer will be fixed by the … Continue reading

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Normal Service

Unfortunately our internet service is down. Normal service will hopefully be restored shortly.  

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You can always tell one

Years ago, I had a knack of ‘spotting the Estate Agent’ (our American friends call them Realtors) . It was a game I used to play as part of my People Watching past time. BBC image from google The men … Continue reading

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Very Strange

It feels very strange, but I am alone tonight. In fact, I have been alone (apart from my furry companion) since around 8.30 this morning. I am used to walking the dog on my own when Hubby doesn’t feel up … Continue reading

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8 2 3 4

I woke up this morning with these numbers trying to escape from behind my closed eyelids as I ignored the alarm, snuggled back under the duvet against the dog (she was on top of it) and tried to doze for … Continue reading

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Truly Frugal

Not so long ago, a market trader announced that after the necessary costs and deductions for his stall and having put in an 80 hour week, he was lucky to have £50 a week to live on. In response, a … Continue reading

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Foods that are good for you.

There aren’t any. If you believe everything you read, what the Experts say is good for you one week, is bad for you the next, and I’ve even read conflicting reports on the same day in the same headline group! … Continue reading

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