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Today was Friday 11th March

It is after 8pm and I do not want another day like this. I have spent over three hours this afternoon on various holds trying to get through to our broadband provider. Let me backtrack to this morning, when I … Continue reading

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The day started out OK but now????

The day got off to a pretty good start, and we’ve even had a second walk this afternoon, meeting up with a couple more friends and some dogs. No problems apart from Maya being bouncy and wanting to play. You … Continue reading

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Power Outage

We lost our internet connection last night and after it had been playing up all evening, thought it was just poor service. It made for frustration for both of us, so we had to give up what we were trying … Continue reading

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Computers Know Fear

Hubby is always telling me this, and it has got to the stage when I’m afraid to click on anything unfamiliar in case I import some gremlin. My laptop crashed a little while ago (I still don’t know what I … Continue reading

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Dance anyone?

I’m not much of a dancer these days, though I used to do a pretty good twist before I did my back in. I always regret not learning how to jive as Danny and the Juniors At The Hop always … Continue reading

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Funny old Sunday

I had a quiet day yesterday. Quiet for a number of reasons actually. We slept in, sort of, but that was only because we had the extra hour. I put the two clocks and my watch back before we went … Continue reading

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Fighting Back…… Take That!

As you are aware, we experience problems with our WIFI connection occasionally and trying to do anything on the computer can be  S  L  O  W    G  O  I  N  G . Not much improved for me after Hubby’s … Continue reading

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Wet Monday

It’s a wet Bank Holiday, so we won’t be going out very much today. Hubby took Maggie up for her first wee of the day around 8am, he clad in the black waterproofs and she in her little jacket and … Continue reading

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I have plates two!

It may have come to your notice that any food dish I photograph and put in my blog is in a BOWL! Hopefully this post will prove otherwise. Today’s recipe offering is lamb in rosemary and garlic, with new potatoes, … Continue reading

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Someone ate my Stats!

Yesterday, I managed to do a couple of posts, but they took me ALL DAY. Well, not that I was sitting at my screen doing nothing else for over 12 hours, but there definitely seemed to be a problem as … Continue reading

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