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Another Mother in Law story

Long gone are the invalid carriages that used to drive my Dad nuts by holding up traffic or parking anywhere blocking access to where he particularly wanted to go. In later years, I admit that I found them unsightly, but … Continue reading

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Swapping keys for a keyboard

We were driving back from our walk in the New Forest one Sunday and decided to drop in on the In Laws. As we approached a roundabout close to their house, we saw there was a car parked in the … Continue reading

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A Maypole, Candy Floss and Mother in Law

A comment made on one of my February posts triggered a memory which was the catalyst for starting this particular collection . In Meet the In-laws, I gave you a little bit of background about my relationship with them. Subsequent … Continue reading

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Ali Baba meets the Mother in Law.

One Saturday morning we invited Hubby’s Mum and Dad to join us at a car boot sale. Neither had been to one before, but Dad had heard a lot about them and was keen to see why they were so … Continue reading

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Self on Self

How do you see yourself? Not just looking in the mirror or a reflection in a window, but how do YOU see you, the person? I’ll bet it’s not as others do. As a child, I was expected to help … Continue reading

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