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Passing the Buck

This is a bit of a rant, but I need to get it off my chest. We found out today that a neighbour was taken into hospital yesterday afternoon, but it is unclear exactly why as she is a heavy … Continue reading

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I can’t get my head round this

Anyone familiar with my blog will know how lucky I am to have Hubby in my life. We are devoted to each other, try not to take each other for granted, and worry about each other. We’ve had our share … Continue reading

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In Sickness and In Health

Hubby and I got married in a registry office ceremony in 1991, so the vows aren’t the same as those in a church service. My Mum and Dad said they had never seen me so serious, and expected me to … Continue reading

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I Love you Mum

I have reblogged a post entitled The Heartbreak of Dementia today and although I know my Mum won’t be reading this, I hope she knows somewhere in her mind that I think of her every day. Sadly, I also know … Continue reading

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Old friend

I saw a friend today. In fact, actually I didn’t, Hubby did, and I had to do a triple take. We haven’t seen him around for a while though we were aware he and his wife had separated about 2 … Continue reading

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When we got back to the car after this morning’s walk, we met up with the Single Red Setter man. We asked after his wife who has been ill and he was pleased to tell us that she had gone … Continue reading

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