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The Card

Dorothy Poole liked to browse in this particular card shop. They always had a large variety of stock for every occasion (and some made up ones too in her opinion) all at sensible prices. It was that time of year … Continue reading

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My Honey Valentine

Hubby is not what I would call Romantic, but he has his moments and I wouldn’t have him any different. With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I am sure there are plenty of girlfriends hoping their Man will ‘pop the question’ or … Continue reading

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Let me tell you about Eric

My Hubby likes the man’s name Eric. Not that that’s his name, or that he has a favourite uncle or anything, he just likes the name. If anything needs to be named, 9 times out of 10 he’ll opt for … Continue reading

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Soul Mates

Is your partner your Soul Mate? I know mine is. We were destined to meet as he used to go to the same places as me but on different nights, and when he was stationed abroad, the guy in the … Continue reading

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If Only…………

We have a House Motto…. a novelty mass produced postcard we bought on holiday many years ago which has pride of place in the kitchen. It goes A little love, a little kindness, A little hug, a little smile, A … Continue reading

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Office ‘gossip’

Conversations in the office can be quite eye opening. We’ve all whinged about the job, our immediate supervisors, the Boss, the pay, holidays, running out of biscuits or milk in the staff room, etc. But how about this……… I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Sleep, the final frontier…..

I have a lot of things rattling around in my head at the moment: concerns about the future, worries about what to do for the best, selling the house, anxieties about family, health issues and that’s before I’ve even got … Continue reading

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Laughter is the best medicine.

I actually looked up the medical benefits and it made pretty interesting reading. According to a health guide site, a good hearty laugh can relieve stress and tension thus relaxing the whole body for up to 45 minutes; it can … Continue reading

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