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What came first, the telly or the sofa?

Reblog: Seeing as we don’t have either, this could be a challenge in our new house!

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After Boating Life

It’s been a while since we took the boat up for brokerage. You can read our final trip entry here. Since then, we have been up a couple of times to run the engine, and there has been some interest, … Continue reading

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Another Life

Hubby and I have lived in a variety of properties, so a house isn’t exactly new to us, just different from the boat and a reminder of all the things that come with owning one. With high winds last night … Continue reading

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A Walk on the Wild Side

Maggie and I have had two walks round the Avenue today, and I noticed that one of the properties that was having work done had a carpenter’s van outside with a very snazzy logo of a little man with wood, … Continue reading

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Twinkle Twinkle

There is a group of terraced houses as we enter a village close to us that have got together over the years to set up a Christmas scene in lights. It has always been fabulous to see on dark December … Continue reading

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