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Bricks of Vengeance

They say that walls have ears, And wonder what tales they could tell, Absorbing a tortured child’s tears, To shield them from a living hell. The whistling that drove them all mad, As he hammered and butchered in glee, No-one … Continue reading

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Sinks, loos, and all that bubbles

Here’s a little thought for you about boat living. I’ve said on several occasions how much I miss my washing line but there are a few other little things that as householders we probably take for granted (besides space, all … Continue reading

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You’ll grow into it.

I heard those words a lot when I was growing up. It was the standard cop out when clothes bought for me were two or three sizes too big. As an adult, my mother gave me a tee shirt which was … Continue reading

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Splashing, thrashing, bashing

It doesn’t worry me when it rains now as living on the boat, as the water rises so do we. In the cottage, it was a different story, wind and heavy rain would keep me awake, and I would be … Continue reading

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Y is for Year

Come the 17th, it will be a year since we locked up the cottage for the last time and handed over the keys for someone else. Our back garden and the Bramley apple tree in full blossom. A lot has … Continue reading

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Why trying to buy a house in the UK is a farce

Last year when we were house hunting, we found a pocket of properties we could afford to buy without a mortgage in an area where we’d like to live. We would also have been happy to pay the asking price … Continue reading

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Mouse in the House

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;‘ Excerpt from The Night Before Christmas (or A Visit from St Nicholas) by Clement Clarke Moore. One of the things about … Continue reading

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Faster than the speed of light.

Well, pretty close. We did it in a fortnight so as things have turned out, if our buyers had been upfront with their own move, they could have been in by now. All utility companies advised. Redirection of mail sorted. … Continue reading

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Tip run: Diary day 2

The day has dawned bright and sunny, so the washing is out, and breakfast being had early. That first cuppa always tastes like nectar. Clothes all sorted yesterday, one bag for the tip, 3 for the charity shop (bye bye … Continue reading

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Who’s running who?

For the past four weeks, I have done nothing but run figures. Now the damn things have turned and are running me. I wake up and they’re flashing through my head. I have breakfast and I’m mentally counting. We walk … Continue reading

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