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Loo Blue, or a Blue Loo?

Thank you all so very, very much for your kind wishes today. You have no idea how overwhelmed I feel, and ‘Thank you’ just seems so inadequate. I am home and can sum up the day in one word………………. Owwww! … Continue reading

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Window with a View (2)

Sitting here on my bench, I am reminded of a story from many years ago. I cannot recall who told it to me, why or exactly when, and although my version will by no means be the same, the thought … Continue reading

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Give it back!

I had a blood test today. I’m a bit squeamish about needles, and in the 90s had a funny turn in the surgery afterwards and they had to pick me up off the floor. Since then, I always warn the … Continue reading

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Dog Shy

I have just walked the dogs round ‘our quarry’ (above) and didn’t see another soul. The crows were crawking (crowing doesn’t quite describe their call) from the rock face crevices at the disturbance as both mutts were plodding ahead ready … Continue reading

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Scary Stuff

I am a wimp and a coward, afraid of the unknown, and I hate being ill or making a fuss. I have been suffering from indigestion for almost a week, but kept quiet about it. Thinking it was a case … Continue reading

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The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and nothing but The Tooth

I am a wimp. There are no two ways about it, if there was an award for Wimpship, I’d win it hands down. Saying that though, I am not one to take pills unless absolutely necessary and will normally soldier … Continue reading

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With Halloween (Trick or Treat) just around the corner, I suppose most of you are envisaging witches on flying broomsticks, black cats, and old crones with pointy chins, equally pointy hats, and thick hairs growing out of warts on their … Continue reading

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