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It was different……..

In my earlier Today is………….. post I said our time was our own and we wouldn’t be doing very much. Well, the paper flowers weren’t experimented with, a little bit of shopping was done, the chili and pasta didn’t work … Continue reading

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Home is where the ‘art is

Have you ever wondered what happens after you sell a property? Did it ever occur to you what the new owners might do? Would you actually want to buy it back? I don’t know how it came about, but Hubby … Continue reading

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The dog smells better…………..

You may recall this post a little while ago and the follow up here One thing about having a dog is that the house can smell….. well……. doggish. I suppose we are immune to the whiff, but sometimes it catches … Continue reading

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Surprise visitor in our road

We have a couple of black cats roaming the streets and I’ve mentioned before that it’s not unusual to see foxes running up and down our road. I’ve also said that we have seen badgers here too. The ducks were … Continue reading

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What a day…………………………26th May

It has been a day of many parts and many frustrations, so this post is longer than normal. Get yourself comfy with a coffee and biscuits, and I’ll begin. We’ve had a call from the garden centre.  The slabs are … Continue reading

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I tempted fate didn’t I

In days gone by, if you wanted it to rain, just ask Hubby to either Wash the car (later boat) Wash the windows Cut the grass.It never failed, OK, maybe once or twice, but if you were a betting person, … Continue reading

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House chatting

The new fridge freezer comes on Friday morning. It’s not as big as the one we have, but perfectly sufficient for the two of us, and they have promised to dispose of the old one as due to a change … Continue reading

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Hard work!

You could say I haven’t done a day’s hard work in years. I’m talking about the physical kind, and break out in a sweat just thinking about a shovel. We’ve had a long day since the dawn post earlier, and … Continue reading

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On the Street Where I Live

Ah yes, My Fair Lady, an Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison classic. Here’s my street, pictures I’ve already published way back in November. Written in response to Fandango’s suggestion https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/79388113/posts/1944977395 PS: glad I got my post in quick.

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Home Sweet Home

We are back. Whilst it has been nice to see MOH and chill out playing scrabble, cooking meals on my old cooker and watching TV (anyone else think 007’s Spectre was a load of tosh?), it is good to be … Continue reading

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