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Pink, Blue and Purple

Our neighbours used to have pink and blue jobs, depending on whether it was domestic or DIY. Since he passed away two years ago, she says all jobs are purple, and she’s doing her best. We bought her a small … Continue reading

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All In!

Well, half the year is officially over as we begin the month of July. Our double glazing fitter arrived at 8.15 this morning, so I was glad I’d got up early and just got back from walking the dog. Nine … Continue reading

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It’s at times like this that we miss the boat. On the marina, we didn’t have fence panels to worry about, grass to mow, or gutters to keep clean and clear. Hubby could simply stretch across the 3 feet five … Continue reading

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Ice Box

We all say ‘I’ll get around to it’ at some stage. Or another favourite is ‘Problem? What problem?’ Here’s a thought: – Year One: It’s just a little crack. Nothing major to worry about. A quick dab of paint, and … Continue reading

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Putting the DI in DIY

Hubby and I aren’t exactly brilliant at the do-it-yourself game, but whatever job we have done has been pretty good, lasts, and is most importantly safe. Over the years, we’ve tackled replacement doors, kitchens and bathrooms, the usual decorating and … Continue reading

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Two men, a wife, and a hedge

The current two men in my life were quite content for me to go shopping (alone) for our evening meal as they had plans to do some ‘maintenance’. I set off in our trusty car-cum-mobile-tent (bed still made up in … Continue reading

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