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House and garden

We’ve been working outside today and the garden is looking quite lovely! This is how it was in October 2017 shortly after we moved in. I took these pictures today after Hubby had laid the final slabs and I’d cut … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought

Maggie has had a good night snuggled up to me on the floor, and although she had something to eat and drink yesterday, performed no bodily functions, though I did take her out into the back yard. In a fit … Continue reading

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A life on the Open Wave.

We were up pretty early (well for me) and decided to give Maggie a nice long walk along the lock this morning. There were several narrow boats moored there, most being hire boats. One stuck out though as it was … Continue reading

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While we were away

There has been quite a lot of activity here in the marina since our departure on June 30th. We have a new brood of cygnets, at least three new batches of ducklings (10, 5 and 4) and the little darlings … Continue reading

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