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Grow your own dinner

Well, we’ve had grow your own stew and we have two stewpacks in the freezer now. We harvested our sprouts and a friend gave us some runner beans so they too have been frozen down. But finally I have tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Tempting the Canine and Human Palate

Maggie has been off her food these past few days, but content to sample ours or eat cooked chicken and her biscuits. We have to give her her meds with food, so this has been a bit of a concern … Continue reading

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Eat your greens!

Ye-hah!! We had enough beans to go with our pork chops today. They are finally starting to come and the tomatoes aren’t far behind. Tomato and bean pasta is becoming my specialty! Picture taken with my phone.

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Our gooseberry bush

Last year, we had quite a good crop from our little bush that hadn’t been part of our garden all that long. Not enough to make a pie (smoothie for one perhaps) but with some that were bought I made … Continue reading

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Our first Summer’s Over

The tomato plants have joined the green beans and we now have no veg plots as such in the garden anymore. We bought a tarpaulin today and have covered our compost heap so that the vegetation can rot down and … Continue reading

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‘Tins’ ain’t what they used to be

I opened a tin of peas and carrots tonight to go with our evening meal. We have always loved tinned carrots and my record with cooking frozen peas (unless our own) is not good, as they always come out like … Continue reading

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