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Stable, Door and Horse

NOTE: CORONAVIRUS CONTENT. IMO this should have been done at the onset of locking down the UK (source) especially as our PM chose not to close the ports, airports and Channel Tunnel. Of course holidays are going to be disrupted … Continue reading

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Still they come……..

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and if things were normal, the town would be heaving with visitors. The park would be full of people walking their dogs en route up to the prom, eating in one of the many cafes, visiting … Continue reading

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It’s Summer

I forgot that during the Summer holidays there are firework displays at 10pm every weekend.  Last year it was just on Sunday nights, this year it might be Saturday as well. It was noisy tonight, and I got herded towards … Continue reading

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And thus endeth the half year

Don’t punch me, but Hubby and I will be making plans for our unofficial Christmas in the next couple of weeks. We’ve invited MOH up before the holiday season really gets underway and intend to get the tree down and … Continue reading

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Ah yes, I remember it well!

I said the other day that I could not remember it being this cold, and to some extent I was right. We walked Maggie round the Avenue today and got our buns chilled off, all six of them. The door … Continue reading

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Wet Monday

It’s a wet Bank Holiday, so we won’t be going out very much today. Hubby took Maggie up for her first wee of the day around 8am, he clad in the black waterproofs and she in her little jacket and … Continue reading

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Post 800

I didn’t know what to write about today, so posted a couple of ‘shorts’ earlier, then discovered this would be my 800th entry. I couldn’t let that go by without some form of landmark. Despite my ‘old age’, I haven’t … Continue reading

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Another Sunday Walk Thought

The morning was bright, if not chilly first thing, and I got up early to walk her ladyship whilst Hubby was working on his blog. It was just after 7am as we walked down the Avenue, though I’m not sure … Continue reading

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I Love you Mum

I have reblogged a post entitled The Heartbreak of Dementia today and although I know my Mum won’t be reading this, I hope she knows somewhere in her mind that I think of her every day. Sadly, I also know … Continue reading

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The Second Upgrade, part 1, Camping Chronicles 4

Compared to the pup tent and its successor, THIS was a mansion. Memories of Dad’s tunnel tent and the cow flashed before me, so we practiced putting it up in the back garden the day after we bought it.As it … Continue reading

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