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Tip run: Diary day 2

The day has dawned bright and sunny, so the washing is out, and breakfast being had early. That first cuppa always tastes like nectar. Clothes all sorted yesterday, one bag for the tip, 3 for the charity shop (bye bye … Continue reading

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Medication takes a holiday

My second flight was from Eastleigh (Southampton) to Dublin. Take-off was quite early, with a flight duration of 50 minutes, but we got breakfast, even if it was only a sandwich, cup cake and plastic cup of fruit juice. We … Continue reading

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Honey not so over the Moon

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that my first marriage ended in divorce. Just one of those things, but a mistake on both parts. Reading something today triggered a memory from that relationship which may or may not amuse, and may … Continue reading

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The First Upgrade, Camping Chronicles 3

Our second tent was designed to accommodate 3 and similar to this. We progressed to single airbeds rather than rely on a duvet under us and had many trips away, be it for a weekend or full week. There were … Continue reading

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An educational moment……

I thought I’d been dreaming when twenty something years ago somebody on the radio said it was National Doughnut Day. To me any Friday when you have to work in an office was doughnut day, and we just took turns … Continue reading

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Did the Earth move for you?

It was a normal working day in the office one day in April 1990. The machines were on, as were the computers, and nothing was out of the ordinary. Around 1.30 pm, my feet trembled, the desk vibrated, and my … Continue reading

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I am my Mother’s (other) daughter

I wrote this one afternoon after witnessing a Mother and Daughter shopping during my lunch hour. Slippers

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