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A Day at the Beach

Not that I got out the swimming gear or intended to go paddling, but on such a beautiful day and with the fence finished, a reward was in order, so we piled up the dogs and ourselves in MOH’s car … Continue reading

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Tall Ships

Years ago, the Ex and I went to see HMS Victory in Portsmouth. I was none too steady on my feet even though she was in dry dock (!) and I can remember two distinct things about the day :- … Continue reading

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We missed it

I never thought I would say this, but last week I wish we were still in our house. I have mentioned in previous posts that we lived close to a RAF base. One of the BEST things was that not … Continue reading

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Our boat is a year old this month, and we are hearing quite a bit about its history. From the broker who sold it to us, it was purchased for his daughter who didn’t like it, so he decided to … Continue reading

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We have a new Con

Sorry, I mean C O I N. It would appear that from 2017 they are changing our round pound to a twelve sided masterpiece resembling the old threepenny bit.  Official images (notice the date is 2014 not 2017) Very nice, … Continue reading

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Come sit with me.

At the bottom of the woods are three lakes. We had only ever noticed two, but coming from the opposite direction one day, a pathway we had avoided since the clearance works last year, led us along a not quite … Continue reading

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Pat-a pancake

It’s Pancake Day today, or Shrove Tuesday. ‘Shrove’ stems from the old English word ‘shrive’, meaning ‘confess all sins’. Extract from OlneyOnline.com A short history of pancakes in Olney… Olney’s famous race is run every Shrove Tuesday, featuring women who … Continue reading


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