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Too hot to handle

I can’t say it was the tablets That made me hot and flush, As I hadn’t actually taken them When I had a full body blush. The sweat was pouring off me, Waterfalls down my back, I peeled myself off … Continue reading

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Warning: Too hot leads to Hot Dogs

One of the many things about dog ownership is regular exercise. In this heat, we have been staying indoors during the day and walking Maggie first thing in the morning then again before we go to bed because it’s been … Continue reading

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I woke up at 4.45 as Maggie was getting restless. I’d had a couple of bouts of 2 hour kips as it was hot again last night. It’s going to be another hot day today.┬áThe temperature in the room was … Continue reading

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Blowing hot air

It’s half past midnight and I can’t sleep. The temperature in the bedroom is 25┬║ and likely to get hotter as the week progresses. It’s too hot indoors, but even hotter outside, and in the car? Hell, I could bake … Continue reading

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Monday Walk Thoughts 23rd July

I was awake early again, and out walking Maggie by 8am. Hubby was still asleep after another bad night. Our route is more or less set first thing now, so Maggie is content to plod in the direction of the … Continue reading

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All caught up…………. but

I have had to forego some of Sunday’s usual challenges as I’m so tired and have little inspiration. I had about 2 hours sleep last night, and today has been one of the hottest so far. It’s hot again tonight, … Continue reading

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Heat and the Brain

Not exactly writer’s block, But things won’t come to mind, The heat has fried my thinking power And words are hard to find. For someone always chatty It may come as relief to some That instead of four, or five … Continue reading

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Dear Diary, July 2nd

It’s going to be another hot day, and at 7 am, I am already baking. After yesterday’s walks in the heat, we have decided to confine ourselves indoors today, so will be walking Maggie early and shopping before 9 am. … Continue reading

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Hot Dogs

No-one in their right mind would leave a dog in a car in this horrendous heat, yet people still do so and the RSPCA can be called to vehicles to retrieve animals in distress. I remember fatalities at a car … Continue reading

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Every Witch Way

I’m melting! It’s hot again today, and Hubby’s got the thermometer out of the fridge to see just how hot it is indoors. It’s gone off the scale. I dread to think how hot it is inside the boat. Last … Continue reading

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