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Hot Dogs

No-one in their right mind would leave a dog in a car in this horrendous heat, yet people still do so and the RSPCA can be called to vehicles to retrieve animals in distress. I remember fatalities at a car … Continue reading

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Every Witch Way

I’m melting! It’s hot again today, and Hubby’s got the thermometer out of the fridge to see just how hot it is indoors. It’s gone off the scale. I dread to think how hot it is inside the boat. Last … Continue reading

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Yo yos, Swings and See Saws.

       Or another way of saying trying to balance the books and keep our heads above water. I hate to admit it, but I’ve failed. There are just some things that have a way of getting away from … Continue reading

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People Watching

It’s been gloriously hot again today. We took Maggie down to the woods early, bumping into the two (formerly three) red setter couple so had a chance to say goodbye. They are also very pleased for us, but said they … Continue reading

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Could I have a drink of water please?

It’s a simple enough question isn’t it? On a scorching hot day, sitting in the car, it makes sense. But I was amazed at being asked the question, particularly in such a definite manner.

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Typical heatwave

According to the radio, we’re in for a heatwave. Yep. We had one glorious day over the weekend, and it’s time to put the thermals away and get the bikinis out. I haven’t figured out where the heavy frost fits … Continue reading

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Tight or Frugal?

  Being careful or frugal is what some refer to as being tight. Though this might legitimately be the case, many have no choice, trying to make ends meet on a low income or budget.   One definition of FRUGAL … Continue reading

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