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Saturday Swapit #30

Welcome to the last Saturday Swapit of July. Here I hope you can find something to help get the diet blues into perspective and realise you are not alone should you slip in the occasional ‘naughty’ item, which you shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Lunch today, 20th December

What to do with four rashers of bacon and little else. Hm. I had some white rolls, but bacon butties for a main meal didn’t seem very filling. No mushrooms left, and I didn’t fancy beans, tatty cake, or fried … Continue reading

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A lesson in Rice Pudding

Hubby likes cold rice pudding, and in days long past we used to buy two trays (24 cans) for the month as they were something ridiculous like 18p a tin. Prices like everything else have gone up, and having little … Continue reading

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Pasta revisited

A few days ago, I did this post, and said I would make it again. We were only away a couple of days and I had a large handful of green beans to pick and over twenty tomatoes had ripened! … Continue reading

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Friday dinner

Lazy day today, and in the past Fish and Chips would have been in order, except it’s not a cheap meal these days so a luxurious treat rather than the norm. We’ve been out today, nowhere fancy, just into Skeggy … Continue reading

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The Last Supper

Well, no not quite, but being the penultimate day to the end of the month and I don’t get paid until the 1st, then it’s all a question of odd and sods dinners, ingenuity, and whatever I can find in … Continue reading

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A Pepper too far

Yep, food diary entry again. Sorry. I’ve stopped buying packs of peppers as Hubby is not really a fan, and quite honestly, after a few days with the same speed food on my plate, I got a bit sick of … Continue reading

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Addressing Portion Control.

Do you like the new plates? We saw them in the supermarket and decided to ditch our purple rimmed ones and the odd white one (below) and buy something pretty. We bought four plates (tested with a meat free breakfast, … Continue reading

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Boat Kitchen

I’ve been pretty lazy in the kitchen this week, but have managed to do a two-day stew, a cooked breakfast, salad, and a jacket spud dinner! Desserts have been the usual fruit salads, but it all looks pretty colourful.   

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Boring, Boring, BORING

Food. Yep, food. I am fed up with food. Not just fed, but fed up. I’m not particularly adventurous in the kitchen, love all the things that are bad for me, and trying to make a variety out of the … Continue reading

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