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Is it, or isn’t it?

Small. Treatable. Curable. I realise that lots of women face this, but those were the three words that registered on Sept 30th, though a lot more was said. To backtrack: On Monday, 19th September, Hubby felt a lump. Instantly alert, … Continue reading

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Once More

I’m fed up. I mean, really fed up, as in TOTALLY. Despite blood pressure pills and being cauterised twice, I had another nosebleed last night. I have been taking it so easy, I am being mistaken for a sofa. I … Continue reading

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I’ve been a naughty girl

All I did was put the washing away and sweep through the boat. Honest.

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To go, or not to go.

I can laugh and joke about our bodily functions, even write amusing (?) poetry, but when it comes to discussing them seriously with the Doctor,¬† no chance. It is very rare I go to the surgery other than for my … Continue reading

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Up in Smoke

When I was at school, I remember being shocked (yes, shocked!) that four of my favourite teachers smoked. I was also stunned when at a wedding, the bride was holding a cigarette in the other hand to her bouquet. As … Continue reading

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Flushed with success

We’ve all suffered from it. Various things help us deal with it. Diet is imperative for curing it. Pain always comes with it. Giving birth doesn’t even come close to it. Relief is definitely our reward for dispelling it. Flushing … Continue reading

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Dreams, Plans and Reality

Last October, I wrote a post entitled¬† ‘When Things don’t Plan Out.’ Every so often, I go back and re-read previous writings, and it amazes me how many things didn’t work out the way we had intended. Nothing changes there … Continue reading

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