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If the boot fits………….

then Cinderella shall go to the ball! However, this post is nothing to do with glass slippers, pumpkin coaches and mice footmen. No, this is to do with kitting Maggie out with bootees for a forthcoming trip. Photo: January 2015 … Continue reading

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Oh go on, let me at ’em……………..

First and foremost it was up to the surgery for Hubby’s blood test this morning. I went in with him because the nasty streak in me was hoping he would have a problem so that he could ring the head … Continue reading

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Roll away the stone

We are back home after a few tears on my part, and have treated ourselves to sweet and sour chicken from the supermarket rather than me have to cook something. We were at the hospital for six and a half … Continue reading

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Sit and Wait……… and wait…………

My turn for the sit and wait clinic this morning. Up early, we were outside the surgery before 8.30 and it was nice and quiet with only three people ahead of me in the queue. I was told I could … Continue reading

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Field Trip 16 June

I woke up this morning extremely low and depressed. Hubby asked me what was wrong and I replied nothing, I was just feeling down. I can’t explain it, as I’d slept pretty well and nothing (other than the usual) is … Continue reading

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The Beach, A&E, Maggie

We’ve been here 33 days, and visited the beach at least once a day since arriving. In all that time, the water has never been the same. I find it fascinating. The tide is at varying stages when we visit … Continue reading

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Age is catching up with us all

Maggie will be 13 in January. In Doggy years that will make her 91. Photo on the beach this week. Always active and ready to chase gulls, crows, squirrels, pigeons and lift pheasant or partridge alike, these days she is … Continue reading

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