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In Range

It has taken a while, but Hubby’s INR has now been in range for two weeks in a row. This is wonderful news because of the cock up at our previous surgery, which now appears to have set his parameters … Continue reading

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Medical transfer

Hubby and I had our medical assessments today. Half an hour after our due appointment time I rang them to make sure it was a telephone consultation and that we hadn’t been expected to arrive at the surgery, and were … Continue reading

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Wow! How professional………………..

We started the ball rolling on Monday. Yesterday I had a message requesting confirmation of email. Today we had text messages saying our flu jabs had been reserved and we would be contacted when they were released. Less than three … Continue reading

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Ideas and recipes wanted

As you know Hubby is having surgery to repair part of his stomach and solve his reflux problems. It means he will be on a liquid diet for 3 to 6 months afterwards. I am concerned about food and would … Continue reading

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Maggie update May 1st

This is a shitty post, but then I’m a dog owner and it’s important to check! No more rice, the last of the chicken, and back to her normal dinner, meals and limited treats. The poos are poo shaped, poo … Continue reading

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Thoughtless Barstewards

Hubby and I were talking about walks along the prom this morning, as I was voicing my thoughts about it being so windy here recently and how it might affect the way the virus is being spread. He’d thought about … Continue reading

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An extension on the 3TC today

I cheated a little bit with my Three Things Challenge earlier as we had to take Maggie to the vet today. You may remember last year a lump came up on her face and at first it was thought to … Continue reading

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What happens next?

My surgery isn’t that far away now and Dick The Shit will soon be consigned to the incinerator trash where he belongs.  I’m being injected with a blue dye again so Smurf SWMBO has been resurrected and I shall be … Continue reading

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Last couple of days

We’ve been down to Cheltenham for my mammogram and MSM kindly put us up overnight. Neither of us had been looking forward to the journey especially as the last one took us almost 7 hours. We were both awake early … Continue reading

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Topic: Music Therapy

Just adding my thoughts on Beckie’s post July 31, 2019 “Working on Us” This Weeks Mental Health Prompts for Blogging Community: Week 9 Topic: Music Therapy, How Does Music Affect You? My choice to listen to is varied, but I … Continue reading

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