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A couple of headline snippets

As everyone in the UK is aware, trying to obtain practical PPE is difficult here. Hubby prefers FFP3 /P98 masks as it provides 98% protection against contagions, but has been unable to get any for months. The one-use disposable items … Continue reading

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Today is Sunday 16th August

The day has not started well, and to be honest, I wish I’d stayed in bed. The weather is pretty grotty again, but I don’t really care about that. Hubby’s had a bad night, Maggie has been pacing all morning, … Continue reading

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Radio topic today: Tickling

Hubby and I are in awe as to how a simple thing like tickling a child has developed into abuse. I could not believe the woman who said she told her baby son she was going to change his nappy … Continue reading

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Headline prompt 19th May:

A headline on the morning news bulletin made me laugh today as apparently we are a hairier nation than we used to be. If you’ll excuse the pun (ie head-line) take a look at these, used in a post over … Continue reading

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Today in the news…….

We have no TV, and Hubby looks up the radar picture for the weather every day. Over the past 8 days, I have only tuned in to the radio news three times (different days), and read the newspaper headlines as … Continue reading

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