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A slight move

You will notice that most of the recent of pictures of Maggie on her new cushion here have had her underneath the window in front of the radiator. However, it would appear that she is following her ‘pack instinct’ and … Continue reading

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Breaking Habits, any advice?

I have said before that Maggie is a creature of habit, and she now has a serious one we have to break. This is getting us up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Living on a … Continue reading

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A little slip………….. or ten

Well, maybe not as many as ten, but over the last couple of days it has struck me how easy it is to get back into BAD EATING HABITS. Perhaps I should rephrase that and say erratic rather than bad, … Continue reading

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Tuppy fix

It’s our final day having Tuppy, and she has been no trouble whatsoever. It’s been interesting on our walks though. We thought Maggie was fussy as to where she’d wee, and knew that like her, Tuppy would only pee on … Continue reading

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Big Business to a ‘T’

The headlines today are full of one of our major supermarket chains who have announced they are to close 43 stores in the UK and halt construction on some 50 others. They also intend to close their main Head Office … Continue reading

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Something personal

A rather well-to-do and well dressed lady came in shortly after I’d tied Maggie up and gone into the ladies to de-paint myself. She asked if ‘that lovely dog waiting so patiently outside’ was mine. Maggie is fast becoming known … Continue reading

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A Twitch in Time

At the end of January, it was the RSPB’s annual bird watch. I took part and recorded the different varieties and number of birds that visited our garden in my chosen hour. This year, we seemed to have more gold … Continue reading

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