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My sister has sent me a text to say she is scattering Mum’s ashes tomorrow. There is no way we can attend, but at least we can light a candle for her at the due time. The entry in the … Continue reading

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For You

I Awake, Silent tears Stream down my face: Missing you, wanting To tell you I love you. Outside forces prevent me From doing what’s right and proper, That final respect, to say goodbye. You are in a better loving place, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dad.

My Dad would have been 89 today. We have a candle burning by the photo of Mum and Dad on their silver wedding anniversary and one of my Father-in-law in uniform. The attached heart gizmo is spinning madly, so we … Continue reading

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Times passes

It’s just six weeks since you passed away, We couldn’t get there, such a sad day. Four weeks ago we laid you to rest, A lump in my throat, an ache in my chest. That February morning I kissed you … Continue reading

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Flowers from the Past.

I woke up this morning from a really odd dream about a lady I used to work with in the school holidays alongside my Mum. Her name was Ivy and she was a pensioner then, so quite a bit older … Continue reading

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Time is not Determined by space, It has no identity, Persona or face, Distance is not a Matter of miles, It is a thief Stealing once happy smiles. Love scattered on The wings of sorrow, My today is Someone’s tomorrow. Nursing … Continue reading

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Treading Carefully

When someone rich and famous dies, relatives seep, creep and eke out of the woodwork in the hope of getting their grubby hands on the spoils of inheritance. Disputes, ill feeling and contesting of the Will can follow, causing bigger … Continue reading

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Whispering Reeds

Can you hear the reeds Whispering to you on the breeze, Such a gentle melodic refrain, It softly calls out your name. Can you hear the call of the night Just before dawn’s early light, Your breath cascades in the … Continue reading

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Rant: 26th January

This country sucks. It bleeds us dry as we live and when we die, it bleeds us some more. Mum had been prudent in already paying for her funeral and selected the service and hymns she wanted. That side of … Continue reading

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Can’t sleep again

I had a bad night last night. We retired at the usual time, Maggie curled up on the bed as usual, we did some work on our laptops as usual, lights out just after 10. I couldn’t sleep and was … Continue reading

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