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Finding Doh

I’m no Julie Andrews, so no need to worry about deer and the like. But the Doh in my title is the musical Doh and not the bread making variety. I’ve played the piano from the age of about 3, … Continue reading

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Out of Date

We’ve all been there, seen something which is perfect for a friend or member of the family, then when we come to look for it to buy, it’s gone. Such was my problem today. I had an idea for a … Continue reading

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Forgive me, for I have sinned

It has been 13 years at least since this last confection confession, but it was not entirely all of my own doing, honest. It was a gift, and a gift should not be refused, declined, or ignored should it? And … Continue reading

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A Fork in the River.

Well actually two. Hubby did the washing up, and if we have particularly heavily particled water, rather than tip it down the sink, we open the window and chuck it straight into the marina. We started doing this a little … Continue reading

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We gave Jack his birthday gift today, and he flushed a rather fetching pink. The tin of boiled fruit drops, although slightly smaller that the overall dimensions of the box, sadly didn’t fit inside because the interior measured less. No … Continue reading

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Cop That!

Continuing with the Anniversary theme, on a couple of occasions I’ve had to put my Obtuse Thinking Cap on having not been able to either find or afford, something to suit. Such was the case for our seventh anniversary, which … Continue reading

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Unto Them a Child is born

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery. Every Day is a gift, that’s why they call it the Present. I don’t know who wrote that, but it’s always stayed with me.

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A Tale of Two Sisters

My sister and I are not as close as some. However, blood is thicker than water, we get on OK and I’d like to think that she would be there for me in a crisis the same as I would … Continue reading

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