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Was that it?

For the past two days, especially yesterday, we had lovely sunny weather and I was tempted to work on my tan.

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Fog on a sunny day

It’s a time I’d rather forget, but five years ago we had cause to use these foggers to get rid of some unwanted guests. We have since discovered it also works on ants.

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Flamin’ ‘eck

Whatever happened to Flaming June? The only thing missing from the beach today is this: These pictures were taken in November 2017, and that is how it feels today, like a chilly November day.

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Recharging Batteries

After the multitude of birthdays, anniversaries,  doctors, hospital and clinic appointments, May is slowing down to a halt and we are looking forward to a pretty quiet day today. Hubby was reading an article yesterday and it would appear there … Continue reading

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All Quiet on the Thursday Front

It has been a busy day as once again we were trying to beat time to an appointment having been thwarted by roadworks and a diversion that sent us off in the opposite direction. To cut a long speedy journey … Continue reading

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Someone ate my post

I have just ‘published’ a 600 word post only to have it completely disappear! I am not impressed!!! Oh well: to fill you all in…………………. The good news is that I seem to be over the worst of whatever it … Continue reading

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Busy Day 8th May

We have had an excellent day. The weather was superb this morning and we managed to get two washloads dry outside before lunchtime. I have walked Maya twice so far, and she has been brilliant both times.  I made chilli … Continue reading

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What have we done today?

The answer to that is actually not a lot, and yet here we are at nearly 8pm and I have just signed into my blog. The day started with a trip to the surgery, then into town for some ‘Maya … Continue reading

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Zapping one’s strength

When I was a teenager, it was nothing for me to try and burn the candle at both ends sometimes, especially as the weekend approached. I would go to discos on a Friday and Saturday night at least twice a … Continue reading

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It’s been a good day today

We have done a lot today and as we retire to bed, all three of us are suitably tired. Maya is already asleep (take your pick of cute pictures) after a hard day of being fussed and admired by everyone … Continue reading

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