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Feathered Friends

I got some pretty good pictures of the greylag family today. There are four goslings, 2 white and 2 grey, but they are all different. As I was chatting to the geese (as I always do) snapping away with the … Continue reading

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Please join us…………..

I said earlier we were hoping to have a walk in the park and we did just that before lunch. We were out for over an hour and there were quite a lot of people about.  There were geese everywhere … Continue reading

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Gone home

It’s nearly 8pm and we have had another enjoyable walk round the park this evening. It is so restful when the visitors have gone home and we can amble without having to get out of people’s way. Talking to a … Continue reading

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Older but slightly better picture

Following on from my earlier ‘chick on the back’ picture, I took this one three years ago: The original post was Baby Update 14th May This will always be one of my favourite pictures of the goslings though (May 2018)

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Not very good, but cute

These are the best of the pictures taken with my phone on our walk this morning round the park. It’s not often we see a baby on Mum’s back and I got as close as I could, cursing myself for … Continue reading

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A walk in the park: 30th May

What with one thing and another (including wardrobes), we don’t get out for our walks as often as we should. It was a lovely afternoon so we thought we’d bite the bullet and risk the crowds. The park was packed, … Continue reading

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Cute alert May 16th

We had been told that there was just one gosling chick last week, but when our neighbour walked through the park on Friday, she said she’d seen three families. We decided to walk there today armed with my new camera … Continue reading

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Let’s all go to the beach

It’s the start of another beautiful weekend and we went up on the prom to see what the situation was. This was the beach on the 22nd and 23rd of May, so just a week ago. These were taken this … Continue reading

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Spring’s in the air.

You might remember these fuzzy pictures I took a week or so ago when walking Maggie Well, although we don’t have this many in the park just now,  we do have about a dozen and this morning I noticed they … Continue reading

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The other afternoon we were walking through the park, and I noticed an unusually marked goose. I took some pictures with my phone, but couldn’t see the screen due to the sun (I find this a lot), so I pointed … Continue reading

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