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Highly Sensitive

A little under a year ago, we replaced our electric oven with a gas hob and fan oven. Having a gas hob again had us investing in a separate gas monitor to the carbon monoxide monitor already on the door … Continue reading

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Life’s a Gas, part 2

Yep, the saga of our gas bill goes on, and you’ll like this. I have received yet another email from BG from yet another person dealing with my complaint. In the tone of tolerating an annoying child (or at least … Continue reading

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Life’s a gas

Hopefully this is the final chapter in the saga of our gas bill. I had an email from the gas company on Saturday under the heading ‘Your payments aren’t going to change.‘ When I opened the message, there was the … Continue reading

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The Power of One

I remember when the mechanic in the garage would service Dad’s car. He’d do everything, but these days, it’s all done by computer. The ‘engine technician’ just hooks the car up and plugs it in, twiddles a few knobs, tweaks … Continue reading

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  “What does a Vampire with no teeth give you?” Answer: a very nasty suck.     OK, old joke, but hopefully it still raised a smile.     Your smile can tell someone a lot about you. A smile … Continue reading

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