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Cottage Garden

Although we lived in the cottage for  7 years, we didn’t have what I would refer to as a cottage garden. Our frontage was laid to stone and it wasn’t until we decided to sell that we put some bedding … Continue reading

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Smells to walk by………….

No, it’s nothing nasty, just an array of aromas walking round The New Avenue with so many gardens in full flower. Just across the way is a ‘dwarf’ lilac bush, except there is nothing small about it as it cascades … Continue reading

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Sunday Walk Observations

Maggie and I did the figure of eight route on our own this morning. It was interesting to see the number of lawns that have had their first haircuts of the year, and I remembered us putting it off as … Continue reading

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A Walk on the Wild Side

Maggie and I have had two walks round the Avenue today, and I noticed that one of the properties that was having work done had a carpenter’s van outside with a very snazzy logo of a little man with wood, … Continue reading

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We’ll gather Lilacs

I am not a fan of gardening. I cannot tell a pretty weed from a flower, so to play safe, everything came out the first year we were here and we started again……. mostly with grass seed and a vegetable … Continue reading

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A Good Result?

I am confused. The results are in for the 2014 RSPB Bird Watch, and I don’t understand. A few years ago, the result showed a decline in Sparrows. Not in my garden. The hedge out front and next door’s buddlia … Continue reading

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Who cries for The Roses?

My paternal grandfather died forty years ago, in 1974.  Dad and I were the last people he recognised before slipping into a coma. It was ironic as he hadn’t been unwell, whereas my other grandfather had been seriously ill and … Continue reading

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