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Shear madness

We have been out in the garden today and Hubby has cut the lawn both front and back. It always looks nice when it’s just done, but you know what it’s like, the mower can only do so much and … Continue reading

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Today is Tuesday 9th March

It has been a good and productive morning. We went up the road to get potatoes for our stew and the compost as it was a pound a bag cheaper locally compared to the garden centre, even with their special … Continue reading

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People in Glass Houses……………….

should go into the greenhouse business. Our neighbour decided to get rid of her greenhouse this year so we put some thought behind having it. Two reasons really, one being that we would be able to have more success with … Continue reading

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In chains

When Hubby installed the water butt, he connected it to the down pipe (sadly there wasn’t one where we had originally intended to put it) and fed the hose through the gate jamb at the necessary height. Sadly it lost … Continue reading

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Pop and you’re wet

Hubby asked me to water the garden today. Not a problem, especially as we now have one of these super-duper hoses that don’t kink and grows to 3 times its original size. Hubby used it the day we bought it, … Continue reading

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Meals from yesteryear

We had a very simple meal today, pork chop, fresh green beans, carrots, and home-grown potatoes. The taste buds were working overtime as I remembered our veg patch which contained potatoes, onions, tomatoes, runner beans and peas. We’d tried growing … Continue reading

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How does your garden grow?

I am not a gardener which was once proved when I dug up some lovely blue flowers on a verge for my Mum to be told they were weeds, albeit very pretty ones. Trying to grow veg as a kid … Continue reading

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Skipping the skip

Hubby is an ‘experienced and qualified’ Skip Diver. In other words, he cannot pass one without peering inside to see if there is anything of use to him/us that someone has discarded. It was in a skip that we found … Continue reading

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Dad’s tickling stick

Some of us oldies may remember Ken Dodd and his tickling stick (as well as his Diddymen). Well, my Dad didn’t have a tickling stick, but he did have a couple of rather large feathers.

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Pink Poppies

I have finally remembered to take the camera on our walk up to the lock. Although I am familiar with the huge red ‘opium’ poppies that grew quite rampantly in Lincolnshire fields as well as our back garden, I have … Continue reading

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