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DIY is a casualty of Covid

I’ve already mentioned the horrendous waiting times for hopeful delivery in respect of Hubby’s shed, which is why he still hasn’t got one.  The idea of paying £300 to £500 or so upfront for something that MAY be available for … Continue reading

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Grow your own stew

This morning has been spent harvesting some of our veg before they choked each other in the greenhouse! Above we have beetroot (2nd batch), turnips, swede ad carrots. Left: beetroot, turnips, swede       Right: carrots. Meet Carrotzilla These are … Continue reading

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How does your garden grow?

Calling all gardeners………………. does anyone know what this is please? We didn’t have it in the patch last year, and I can’t find it in my book. Our neighbour took an picture and she can’t find it either.  Hollyhock is … Continue reading

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In the next day or two

I am convinced the Ancient mariner will be flourishing. I’ve counted 11 buds on it, and took this picture with my phone today: This is a cluster of four buds, one is well on its way and a second not … Continue reading

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As we can’t get to the park to see the ducks, the ducks came to see us. We had three on our lawn this afternoon, all looking expectantly up at the kitchen window. We had such visitors the first year … Continue reading

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This is what we did today:

Hubby and I are totally shattered. It’s been a beautiful day and we’ve been outside in the garden. I’ve even got the pink tinge of a tan. He cut the grass the other day and had a good tidy up … Continue reading

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She sleeps……….. and snores

We’ve had a pretty good day today. The grass has been cut, and we have growth in the greenhouse. Hurrah! We gave up on our tomatoes and bought some more seeds which although the same strain, are totally different to … Continue reading

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Extending the junk plot

Hubby and I have been out in the garden today. I have to be honest, it was not the way I had intended to spend the afternoon, but Christmas can wait and we actually got a lot done. We are … Continue reading

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I tempted fate didn’t I

In days gone by, if you wanted it to rain, just ask Hubby to either Wash the car (later boat) Wash the windows Cut the grass.It never failed, OK, maybe once or twice, but if you were a betting person, … Continue reading

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Rhubarb and Rainbows.

We had a flash thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, and although it didn’t last very long, it was quite something. For once, Maggie wasn’t worried and found a quiet corner to doze, so it adds fuel to the concern that her hearing … Continue reading

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