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Excuse me, but that seat’s taken

What a morning! We drove up the road and a suite caught our eye in one of the second hand shops. On closer inspection, it was not for us, and when we sat on something else out of curiosity, it … Continue reading

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Take a seat…………….

Actually, if you’re a visitor, that could be a wee bit difficult, though we give our guests the armchairs and we sit on the footstools. Yes, since getting rid of the sofa bed, seating in our lounge is minimalistic and … Continue reading

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Keeping to budget

I said in a post shortly after we’d sold the boat that Hubby and I reckoned we could furnish and carpet a small house for around £5000. Our new home cost a little more than we had hoped, but saying … Continue reading

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Mine, I tell you, mine!

Guess what I saw in the second hand shop yesterday? In fact I saw 4, but couldn’t see the price, and the shop wasn’t open on Sundays. MOH arrived safely yesterday afternoon and we spent an enjoyable evening playing scrabble … Continue reading

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If only it could talk

We are really pleased with our table purchase yesterday, and I find myself thinking about the stories it could tell. The design and quality would suggest it’s about fifty years old, MOH would know for sure as he’s into tables. … Continue reading

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They come in Piece.

A little bit of history to set the scene. On the day our purchase of The Cottage was going through (2007), we had a phone call from the Estate Agent asking if we would like the wardrobe in the master … Continue reading

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Looks can be deceptive

Our first house was very small. Space was therefore limited, and when it came to buying a suite for the lounge, I knew exactly what I wanted, and more importantly, what would fit. I’d seen a corner suite reduced in … Continue reading

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