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Mum’s secret identity

This is a bit late as it’s more about a past Christmas than the current day, but it’s anotherĀ  treasured memory on our shelf. On a few occasions we have done up a box of silly gifts for couples under … Continue reading

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Mini Christmas

One thing about our Christmases is that they are extended over more than the standard 2 days, especially if we have been away. Although we haven’t had a roast dinner today, we have been parcel picking, shaking, prodding and guessing. … Continue reading

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Puzzling things over

Our host is a fan of jigsaws. There are currently three on boards in various stages of completion throughout the property and we have been encouraged to add a piece here and there, if not finish them. When completed, they … Continue reading

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A Day at the Beach

Not that I got out the swimming gear or intended to go paddling, but on such a beautiful day and with the fence finished, a reward was in order, so we piled up the dogs and ourselves in MOH’s car … Continue reading

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Dog in the Water

When Maggie was a pup, we would take her down to the beach practically every day, sometimes twice. Hubby did all the training as I was working, so I was not prepared for her ‘tricks’ of charging off the end … Continue reading

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Z is for………………………….

I’m at the end of my ABC challenge and Z is my I did a spreadsheet to plan it all out so that I didn’t overshoot the mark (I know, I’m a sad individual) and have put to one side … Continue reading

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Simple as ABC

I have a few posts to go before hitting the magical number 1000, so I’ve decided to set myself a challenge and write a post on something beginning with each letter of the alphabet until I reach 1000. I know … Continue reading

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Harriet (lookalike)

Hubby said I made a glaring error in my previous post by not putting in a picture of Harriet. So this is for all of you who either haven’t seen Die Hard with a Vengeance, don’t want to, or are … Continue reading

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Easter laughter

It was absolutely glorious at 8am, and we decided we’d take the boat out after breakfast. Unfortunately, Mr Cloudy almost rained on our parade as it came over very dark and dull, and the temperature dropped by several degrees, so … Continue reading

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Moaning Monday

You know what it’s like some mornings when you wake up and just know it is not going to be a good day. Today was such a day. Hubby and IĀ  were certainly not on the same page, or even … Continue reading

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