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Back to the Board

It’s funny how a passing comment can lead to a trip down memory lane or making a new side road from it. I expect a fair few of my readers can remember a TV programme called Bullseye. Shown early on … Continue reading

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Shopping List

Way back in the nineties and between dogs, Hubby and I arranged a couple of Treasure Hunts for our work colleagues and friends as so many of them were complaining about being bored, nothing on the telly, no money and … Continue reading

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Silly Games

Storm Katie was indeed a bitch, but although one particular belt that hit in the early hours was strong enough to wake us, we slept relatively well. Winds here reached 65 kph (40 mph) with gusts of 92 kph (57 … Continue reading

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Mum’s secret identity

This is a bit late as it’s more about a past Christmas than the current day, but it’s another  treasured memory on our shelf. On a few occasions we have done up a box of silly gifts for couples under … Continue reading

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Mini Christmas

One thing about our Christmases is that they are extended over more than the standard 2 days, especially if we have been away. Although we haven’t had a roast dinner today, we have been parcel picking, shaking, prodding and guessing. … Continue reading

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Puzzling things over

Our host is a fan of jigsaws. There are currently three on boards in various stages of completion throughout the property and we have been encouraged to add a piece here and there, if not finish them. When completed, they … Continue reading

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A Day at the Beach

Not that I got out the swimming gear or intended to go paddling, but on such a beautiful day and with the fence finished, a reward was in order, so we piled up the dogs and ourselves in MOH’s car … Continue reading

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