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A Romp on the Beach

It was doggy class today and a bit of a disappointment. Our trainer has had people let him down this week and only one person turned up on Wednesday (should have been 4), 2 people for the 9am class this … Continue reading

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This had me in stitches

You know what they say about laughter being the best medicine? I just have to think about this now and my feel good factor is off the charts! I dare you to watch it and feel miserable. https://youtu.be/1f7OwFqTnco I just … Continue reading

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A chair, a piece of string and a paper fish

OK,  I’ve flipped. Either the heat or lockdown has got to me, but you know what? I don’t care as I have raised a few smiles today from the comfort of my drive and social distancing. The neighbours both sides … Continue reading

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Demolition Derby

I am thinking of changing the name of our darts team next year to Demolition Derbys. I have some new signings (one of which didn’t turn up again nor let me know this time), and roped my neighbour in to … Continue reading

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Hubby’s challenge!

Hubby has thrown me a challenge which will completely lower the tone of my blog, so you have been warned! He’s dared me to write a poem………………. Hubby said he needed a poo, And headed promptly for the loo Armed … Continue reading

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Round out… Questions

This one came from teleportingweena and I picked it up from Melanie B Cee. Dogs/cats/both/other? Dogs Favorite holiday? Why? NZ in 2010, got to see Bro   A fun or funny word you like to use. Mellow Writing in pen or … Continue reading

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Time for a Quiz

Haven’t done one of these for a while, but hopefully you’ll have a bit of fun with it and I’ll post the answers tomorrow. Name the film: 1. ‘Sorry, I didn’t see you there……………. or there’. 2. ‘You need to … Continue reading

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Back to the Board

It’s funny how a passing comment can lead to a trip down memory lane or making a new side road from it. I expect a fair few of my readers can remember a TV programme called Bullseye. Shown early on … Continue reading

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Shopping List

Way back in the nineties and between dogs, Hubby and I arranged a couple of Treasure Hunts for our work colleagues and friends as so many of them were complaining about being bored, nothing on the telly, no money and … Continue reading

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Silly Games

Storm Katie was indeed a bitch, but although one particular belt that hit in the early hours was strong enough to wake us, we slept relatively well. Winds here reached 65 kph (40 mph) with gusts of 92 kph (57 … Continue reading

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