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Fruit and Veg menu!

One thing I discovered a few years ago by keeping a food diary was that we didn’t have enough fruit and veg in our diet, fresh or otherwise. Sure, I had the usual things like sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli in … Continue reading

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Dinners and Desserts

I’m not one to mess about with my food, but do like it to look appealing on the plate. I don’t have any fancy shaped crockery or icing bags to make pretty shapes, but lately I have been taking a … Continue reading

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The Fruit of Greed

I did a little bit of shopping today, and as the soft fruit season is upon us, have recently been enjoying the occasional punnet of strawberries if the price is right. Hubby treated me for our anniversary night away, so … Continue reading

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Eating a dream

or perhaps I should say Dream Eating. We’ve all heard Tommy Cooper’s joke about the guy who dreamt he ate a ten pound marshmallow and when he woke up, his pillow was missing. Well, my dream was a little bit … Continue reading

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Five a day

The ‘Eat five portions of fruit and veg a day’ campaign has been underway for years. Recently though, I have heard conflicting reports that eating 5 is not necessary, or perhaps 3 fruit, 2 veg, or 3 veg and 2 … Continue reading

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Love Apples

TomAto, TomaAHto or Love Apple The tomato is called the ‘love apple‘ due to its seductive red colour and its sensuous sweet flesh. It is referred to as the ‘devil’s fruit’ by the Roman Catholic Church. or Translation of French … Continue reading


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