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A Good Eye

Sheila looked around her apartment and the modern art that adorned three of the four walls. Pat really had a good eye, and knew exactly what to purchase that would be set off perfectly by the full panel windows in … Continue reading

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Fair Deal

MOH made me cry yesterday. Hubby too. He accused us of cheating, having secret signals and coded facial expressions. And all over a game of cards!

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Domino Alley

Oh, it is so nice to relax and forget the DIY for a couple of days. Once again our plans for the day went for a bucket of chalk, so the varnishing wasn’t done before we left. Still, the bookcases … Continue reading

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For J and K, Just Kidding

Most of us like a practical joke, but sometimes it can go terribly wrong and have disastrous results. This happened to a friend of mine and ended in divorce, though it was her own doing. I’m afraid she got no … Continue reading

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A personal view.

This is a painting taken from a photograph of Happy Chappie. We got together in 1988 as we were both host families to foreign students. Unfortunately, our ‘guests’ (and their friend) tried to use us as their personal taxi service, … Continue reading

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Dog Buddies

One thing about visiting our friend, when we go out for a drive it is always interesting and to places we would be unlikely to find on our own. These photos are taken from Blackmoor Reserve, a lead mine site … Continue reading

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A Friend in Need

We received an emergency call from our Friend yesterday. We were packed, the boat secured and on the road within the hour. When we arrived here, it was a 999 job, and he was taken by ambulance to hospital. Whilst … Continue reading

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Moaning Monday

You know what it’s like some mornings when you wake up and just know it is not going to be a good day. Today was such a day. Hubby and I  were certainly not on the same page, or even … Continue reading

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It doesn’t matter how rich you are, Money does not seem to buy you loyalty. Take Simon Cowell. He had an affair with his best friend’s wife, made her pregnant, the marriage broke up, and now Cowell and said lady … Continue reading

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Old friend

I saw a friend today. In fact, actually I didn’t, Hubby did, and I had to do a triple take. We haven’t seen him around for a while though we were aware he and his wife had separated about 2 … Continue reading

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