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You gotta have friends

Here’s a poser for your courtesy of Rory aka a guycalledbloke. How many friends does a grown up actually need? Girls, same as guys, always had a best mate, a buddy, someone you’d hang around with most of the time. … Continue reading

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Day’s almost over: not done much!

Both of us had a bad night, though Maggie settled after midnight and slept through until 6, when she wanted to go out. Both businesses done, we went back to bed. Hubby was zonked (finally) in the spare room, so … Continue reading

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A Bouquet for Me

It was the funeral today, and the weather could have been a little more sympathetic. We decided to leave early so as not to get blocked in our drive and to find somewhere to park at the other end as … Continue reading

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Friendships and relationships

I’ve read a few posts recently about friends and relationships. What classes as a best friend? Is it someone you’ve known practically all your life, or someone who entered it at a particular moment and has stuck with you through … Continue reading

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Birthdays of significance

A dear boating friend has recently celebrated his 80th birthday and kindly sent us photos of his family and celebrations. Apparently 16 adults and four children went out for an Italian meal, then it was back to their daughter’s house … Continue reading

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A bit of old fashioned contact

I wrote a couple of letters today, you know, the old fashioned variety with pen and paper (well, pretty card), envelope and a stamp. I keep in contact with a lot of people via email, text messages, and the odd … Continue reading

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Entertaining our guest: Day 7

We have managed to do something every day since MOH arrived and yesterday was no different. No point getting up and going out early as shops don’t open until 10am on a Sunday so we had a leisurely start. We … Continue reading

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All caught up…………. but

I have had to forego some of Sunday’s usual challenges as I’m so tired and have little inspiration. I had about 2 hours sleep last night, and today has been one of the hottest so far. It’s hot again tonight, … Continue reading

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Julymas Celebrations

Well, I can’t really call it Christmas, so I’ve made up our own holiday. The weather has turned cooler which means travel with the dogs won’t be so restless and uncomfortable for them, so today, Thursday, will be busy as … Continue reading

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Entertaining our visitor : Day 3

England are playing Croatia tonight, so the plan is to tune into the radio for commentary as we have no TV. MOH got back at 6pm, and the dogs have been good, so a short walk would be in order … Continue reading

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