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I’ve said before that people in the boating world are different to those we have met in other areas where we’ve lived. Regular boat owners have come to the Marina over the colder months to check on and take out … Continue reading

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Home again

A few days away is always a pleasure, but like most people, we are glad to be home. It seemed quite strange adapting to someone else’s routine, sleeping in a different bed and smelling a different fabric conditioner on the … Continue reading

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Dog Shy

I have just walked the dogs round ‘our quarry’ (above) and didn’t see another soul. The crows were crawking (crowing doesn’t quite describe their call) from the rock face crevices at the disturbance as both mutts were plodding ahead ready … Continue reading


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Moaning Monday

You know what it’s like some mornings when you wake up and just know it is not going to be a good day. Today was such a day. Hubby and I  were certainly not on the same page, or even … Continue reading

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Summer Holiday

This is my 600th post, a blast from the archives of my past and totally unrelated to Christmas! Some people have a nerve, and I seem to attract them like a magnet. I have already done one post on this … Continue reading

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What the………..

Still no internet access on the Marina and Hubby and I are just a tad more than annoyed. It’s nothing to do with the bad weather, but I have been assured that the tumble dryer will be fixed by the … Continue reading

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It’s been a long day.

Hubby woke up this morning cold because there was a lot of space between him, the edge of the bed and the duvet. It was 6am, so normal get up time for him and the dog was ready to go … Continue reading

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Domino Rally

We have been delivering goodies to our friend over the Bank Holiday, one cooker, one double memory foam mattress, 2 sets of unused bed linens, a DVD player and a pair of tree loppers to be precise. He is very … Continue reading

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Two men, a wife, and a hedge

The current two men in my life were quite content for me to go shopping (alone) for our evening meal as they had plans to do some ‘maintenance’. I set off in our trusty car-cum-mobile-tent (bed still made up in … Continue reading

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Honey Monster Alert

Many years ago, The Honey Monster advertised a brand of cereal which was very popular with children and adults alike. This morning when I woke up, I could smell sugar puffs, but no-one had had any for breakfast, in fact … Continue reading

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