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Steak Out : 9 June 2020

Not that we could afford a steak meal out these days as at the last count, an 8oz rump steak was around £12 – £15. The piece I bought today was just over £4 and big enough for the three … Continue reading

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Tempting the Canine and Human Palate

Maggie has been off her food these past few days, but content to sample ours or eat cooked chicken and her biscuits. We have to give her her meds with food, so this has been a bit of a concern … Continue reading

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Are they listening?

After posting the previous entry, we took the dog out for her first walk of the day. Everything was running late in our household, but it didn’t matter as we had no plans for today and didn’t need anything. Apart … Continue reading

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Join us for dinner………………

Chicken curry for dinner today, nothing fancy, and I’ve modified my recipe a little by not adding any sugar to my sauce and letting the sultanas provide the sweetness. Plain boiled rice, with a sprinkle of desiccated coconut on the … Continue reading

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Dinner today 22nd April

No, not another two day chili or three day stew. Today we had a pork chop with potatoes, broccoli, carrots and apple stuffing. In the cottage, it was lovely to go out into the garden and pick apples for sauce … Continue reading

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We’re suddenly rich!!

Our friendly mailman has brought us each letters bringing good news and comfort hysterical laughter. Hubby and I have had a pay rise! I cannot contain my excitement and working on ways to spend or save this new wealth. Hubby … Continue reading

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A little of what you Fancy

Nothing major, just a couple of pics of meals this week: Two meat free dishes: Left: Sweet ginger and pineapple with rice and veg. Right: cauliflower and broccoli frittata with veg. I’ve been upping my veggies for the last couple … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation 3rd February

I stayed at group tonight, the first time for months actually, although I have gone regularly for weigh in. There were some new faces, and some heavier bodies, several male, and although overall the group had lost a staggering 46½ … Continue reading

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Three Mile Walk and other bits…………..

No, we haven’t done that all in one go today, but by the time the day is done, the three of us will have covered that distance plus a bit more. It’s been beautiful here today. The wind had dropped … Continue reading

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Meals a poppin’

Earlier this week I mentioned that I intended to start taking pictures of my meals again as I found it a great tool for keeping me on track for SW. I am particularly concentrating on the veg portions more now: … Continue reading

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