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Saturday Swapit #3

Here we are with another Saturday Swapit which I hope readers are finding supportive, helpful and interesting. There are so many reasons why despite our best intentions, something crops up and we find ourselves reaching for the biscuit tin or … Continue reading

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The Professional Shepherd’s Pie

Hubby was watching a professional chef on Youtube this morning making a shepherd’s pie. He was so taken with it, he bookmarked the page so that I could watch it. Somehow he knew what my reaction would be, and apparently … Continue reading

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Such a sweet treat

OK, I admit it. I’ve succumbed and reached for the chocolate covered marzipan for a sweet treat. Sad news is that the bar is 175g not 125g as I thought, and each 25g attracts 5½ syns. However, to show willing … Continue reading

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Out with the old, in with the new

This evening I collected my new Slimming World pack and will be going through it later with a hi-lighter. I always do this as a lot of the things listed are foods I either don’t eat or like, and when … Continue reading

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Saturday Swapit

It’s Saturday, the first of January and the start of a New Year. I bet top of the list of most people’s resolutions is to lose weight. Having battled with weight issues most of my adult life, finally finding something … Continue reading

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5 ‘Sunday’ Breakfasts

Dr Tanya is asking us for our five favourite Sunday breakfasts. You can join in here She says: What is better than staying in bed on Sunday morning? A fancy breakfast of course. While many of us are in a … Continue reading

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Long Live the Greasy Spoon

It was with sadness I read the headline that a lot of Greasy Spoons have gone to the wall, and those who have managed to stay afloat have changed to being cafes or brasseries (source) A fry up breakfast is … Continue reading

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Here’s a thought for you………… or not

Have you ever thought about the number of chocolates, sweets or biscuits you get in a pack? I ask because one of the things I always look for when shopping is weights and value for money. Too often the price … Continue reading

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Food thoughts 29th August

Funny how the mind works sometimes, but I was preparing some green beans given to us by our neighbour today and found myself thinking……….. Yes, I know that can be dangerous, but it did make we wonder why I was … Continue reading

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A Bitter Pill perhaps

These past few days have seen me checking out a few things in readiness for this post. You might like to have a recap of the latter part on Monday’s post to get an idea. I know I prattle on … Continue reading

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