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Not quite what I thought

When Hubby decided he was going for this operation to sort out his reflux, he’d done a lot of research beforehand. The way his case has been handled leaves much to be desired, but it’s done now and we are … Continue reading

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I’m orlwhite

Tummy rumbles, What’s for dinner? Something liquid, No wonder he’s thinner. Up the ante, Fish is a winner! Took off the breadcrumbs, Put flesh on the plate, White on white background, He couldn’t wait, Mash taters were crispy, To test … Continue reading

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5 Favourite Ways To Enjoy Potatoes

Food, food, glorious food! Dr Tanya’s 5 things today is about the humble spud! Baked potatoes: come in a variety of sizes with even more varieties of fillings! I like mine with cheese, baked beans, tuna, chicken and mushrooms, curry, … Continue reading

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Getting stuffed!

But in the nicest possible way of course. I mentioned in my ‘Today is……… ‘ post earlier that we were having pork chops with stuffing (if I had any) and a certain person asked if she could come to dinner. … Continue reading

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Ah, I can see clearly now

Nothing to do with new specs or Johnny Nash/Jimmy Cliff in last week’s SLS challenge. The beauty of keeping a food diary is that you can check back on your eating habits to when things were going well when they … Continue reading

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What to do with ‘bits’ of veg

Have you ever wondered what to do with the small pieces of frozen veg like cauliflower and broccoli that aren’t small enough to throw away but too small to be put on a dinner plate as a side? Bake………. or … Continue reading

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A virtual invitation

Please join me. This is a slice of today’s cheesecake, generous sized pieces of which have been dispatched to two neighbours and this was mine. I added a teaspoon of vanilla essence today, but other than that, it’s plain, with … Continue reading

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Two Meat Free!

I wasn’t sure what to do for lunch today, but Hubby said he fancied something light with rice, so not having taken anything out of the freezer last night or having any salad stuff left, I opted for old reliable: … Continue reading

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Bangers and Mash

Hubby and I have fond memories of bangers and mash, and a small cafe in Aberystwyth called Rumble Tums. For the princely sum of £6, you would get two sausages, mash and onion gravy with a side dish of 3 … Continue reading

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Steak Out : 9 June 2020

Not that we could afford a steak meal out these days as at the last count, an 8oz rump steak was around £12 – £15. The piece I bought today was just over £4 and big enough for the three … Continue reading

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