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About Last Night

Weight gain aside, we had a little food exercise last night at class and were divided into four groups. Each was given a task in respect of the Christmas festivities potential food intake and had to allocate syn values accordingly. … Continue reading

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Whiff of a sniff

I’ve been awake since about 5.30 and poor Hubby had already got up because he couldn’t settle. Maggie was trying to get comfy and squeaking a bit, so a little massage of her back leg and she was soon snoring … Continue reading

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Editing the diet

Diet has two other personalities, EDIT and TIDE. I used to be good at anagrams for crossword puzzles and also enjoyed the TV show Countdown on C4 many years ago as it was letters and numbers, plus a conundrum as … Continue reading

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Following on……………27 August

Following on from this post, Hubby and I were up early this morning to get to the supermarket for opening time at 8am. The car park was half full, or perhaps still half empty, but with three minutes to go, the … Continue reading

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FOWC with Fandango — Diet

Ha! Diet is a four letter word: F O O D There are good diets, bad diets, liquid diets and fad diets, and the chances are I’ve tried them all. Bet the first thing you thought of seeing Fandango’s prompt … Continue reading

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I forgot…………………

Hands up all dieters who have skipped the occasional meal having either over indulged the day before and trying to improve the odds of weight loss? I’ve done it, did it for years actually, and did it yesterday. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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And so it begins again

After four hours, I have finally got to the bottom of my reader for all things current and yesterdays late comers….. or so I thought. I now have another twenty or so posts to read. I’m getting there and will … Continue reading

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