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Today’s walks: 1st July

Hubby and I were up pretty early, though he’s always pottering about way before I surface. I was hot and sticky, so had a shower before breakfast, then thought as it was the start of a new month, why not … Continue reading

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Smells to walk by………….

No, it’s nothing nasty, just an array of aromas walking round The New Avenue with so many gardens in full flower. Just across the way is a ‘dwarf’ lilac bush, except there is nothing small about it as it cascades … Continue reading

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It’s not a special day

Just an I love you Day Aren’t they lovely?

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The Ancient Mariner

I love roses, and when I was first married, my Dad gave us a red rose standard for the garden. The ex-to-be dug a hexagonal bed for it, and it stood pride of place in the centre of our front … Continue reading

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How does your garden grow?

I am not a gardener which was once proved when I dug up some lovely blue flowers on a verge for my Mum to be told they were weeds, albeit very pretty ones. Trying to grow veg as a kid … Continue reading

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Gotta look after the bees

I’ve written before about bees. You can read my offerings here, here and here. Today we were coming out of a shop in town and Hubby noticed a tired drone on the tiled entrance. Rather than leave it there to … Continue reading

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Just one more sniff, honest!

I’ve said before that her Ladyship likes to smell the flowers on our walks. It’s a fact of life (and sometimes annoyance) that dogs like to sniff, especially when on the search for that perfect blade of grass to grace … Continue reading

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It’s probably a hormone thing

I’m feeling a bit weepy today. Overwhelmed even. Looking in our pigeon-hole this morning on the way out to walk the dog, we had a notification from the office that we had a parcel. We haven’t ordered anything, so when … Continue reading

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Wet Sunday

According to the internet weather site last night, we are in for showers throughout the day. Yet in the media, this weekend was meant to be a scorcher. Well I suppose it is……………. somewhere else. Looking out across our bow, … Continue reading

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Sunday Walk Observations

Maggie and I did the figure of eight route on our own this morning. It was interesting to see the number of lawns that have had their first haircuts of the year, and I remembered us putting it off as … Continue reading

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