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Early one morning: Reblog for Flashback Friday

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It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Stretching luxuriously in the warmth and space of the double bed, she rolled over and through a gap in the curtains, saw that dawn was just…

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Photo Challenge #259: a reblog

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This week’s image was found on Mindcore @ facebook Thanks again to Nekneeraj for hosting the challenge. Not for me, Life in the city, Give me space, Nature’s grace, One with all No-one’s beck and call,…

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Welcome Visitors: a reblog for April 2nd 2021

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It’s taken a while to get to writing this post, which in a way is actually in two halves! I walked Maggie in the park on my own this morning. As things turn out, she has…

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Yorkshire pudding 1 Mother in Law 0

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It was mother in law’s birthday, and as Hubby was away on a course, I thought I’d take her out to lunch. I gave her the choice of venue, knowing she liked the local carvery, and…

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Little People: a reblog for 26th February 2021

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Taking advantage of a brief dry spell, I took Maggie for a walk round the Avenue just before lunch. I passed the school and it was playtime. What a din. As we walked by, my tinnitus…

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Tranquil: a reblog for 4th December 2020

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Frank’s theme this week is Tranquil https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/43011194/posts/2088789113 What better sense of tranquility than our days on the boat, puttering upriver on a gloriously sunny day, mooring overnight in peaceful surroundings with the only noise being birdsong…

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Lost Love : a reblog for 6th November 2020

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I raise my eyes to the heavens In the hope of seeing the sun Bring forth another dawn, another day Yearning for you to come, Or send word that you are thinking of me, Just one…

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What came first, the telly or the sofa?: a reblog

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Reblog: Seeing as we don’t have either, this could be a challenge in our new house! Interesting observations on my walk this morning with the dog, but first I’ll take you back almost forty years to…

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FFfAW Challenge-171st : a reblog

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. and thanks to Joy for setting the 100 -150 challenge: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/33797404/posts/1903221109 The group arrived at the summit and erected their flag in triumph. ‘We did it! What better backdrop…

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