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Fish and flips

I walked Maggie this morning as usual through the park, up to the prom, back through the park and round the Avenue to home, meeting up with quite a few regular walkers. Although overcast, it was quite warm, so no … Continue reading

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Splish Splash, they’re not taking a bath!

I’ve commented on the size of the carp here, and although I have managed to get a couple of pictures, I still haven’t got a decent one of them floating so close to the surface, you can practically count their … Continue reading

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70 mph dog, fish and porridge

Just a little quickie on observation. I’ve said previously that Maggie doesn’t travel well now, and there are times when she is a real pain with her pacing and squeaking, even if we have stopped for a potty break or … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

You’ve probably heard that dogs take after their owners (or is it owners take after their dogs? ) Pictures from google Whatever. Think on this. I’ve mentioned recently about the fish in the marina, and on hot, dry, sunny and … Continue reading

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Don’t be coy………

There are some pretty big fish here in the marina, and I have just seen one of the biggest carp ever. It was basking in the sunshine with its dorsal fin just above the water, and must have measured all … Continue reading

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fish, Fish and FISH

With this lovely warm weather, fish are coming to the surface and for the first time, I can actually see what is making the bubbles. When Hubby was a boy, he’d go fishing with his Dad, so he’s ‘quite up’ … Continue reading

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Fish in the water

A few months ago, when we had ice in the marina, I posed the question about fish getting headaches. I have another for you. Do they knock themselves out?

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Good Girl

I was really proud of Maggie today out on our walk this morning. Hubby and I both took her as it was a beautiful morning. Crisp and fresh, but warm enough to just wear body warmers over our jumpers though … Continue reading

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