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And still they bang

Not content with starting the fireworks at 9pm last night and then intermittently until 12.30, we have had the damn things going off again at 5pm tonight which set Maya off into protection mode. Instantly alert, she was up at … Continue reading

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Take Seven 6th November

It’s Friday! Welcome to my Take Seven compilation which incorporates all 21 words (or derivatives) from the Three Things Challenge for the past week. You are most welcome to join in using as many or all of the words too. … Continue reading

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It’s Summer

I forgot that during the Summer holidays there are firework displays at 10pm every weekend.  Last year it was just on Sunday nights, this year it might be Saturday as well. It was noisy tonight, and I got herded towards … Continue reading

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Dear Diary, Nov 5th

As a kid, we used to have a small bonfire and fireworks in the back garden, the youngsters merrily writing their name in the air with silvery sparklers as catherine wheels, rockets and spinners went off at sensible intervals. The … Continue reading

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It’s started

We have had pops, bangs, whizzes and whooshes for the past half hour, and not only are they are still going strong, but they’re getting louder, so hopefully the grand finale frantic megga whoosh and almighty bang is literally minutes … Continue reading

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Pops and Bangs already

There’s been some scrambling on the beach today, which is the start of the winter sport programme that takes place on the last Sunday in the month. It’s always well attended, and the beach cafes are flat-out providing breakfasts, lunches, … Continue reading

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Pops still popping

Would you believe that at 2pm, yes two o’clock this afternoon, some inconsiderate idiot started setting off yet more fireworks. We still have them popping in the distance (it’s 6.30pm now), one BANG being particularly close and Maggie is behind … Continue reading

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And the Pops go on

As we sit here listening to a specific CD at a relatively high volume, Maggie is curled up behind my chair as tight into the corner as she can get. There are fireworks going off all around us, and whilst … Continue reading

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The morning after

We conned Maggie last night into an early bed time. Our logic was that if we were all tucked up in bed when the fireworks started, she may not become quite so distressed as we would be together in darkness. … Continue reading

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Inconsiderate in their consideration

I’m beginning to think the radiotherapy is puckering up my sense of humour as well as my breast tissue and I’m turning into an old shrew! I don’t mean to be a party pooper or rain on anyone’s parade BUT: … Continue reading

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