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Saturday’s Mix–15 July 2017

Thanks Teresa. As someone who loves to people watch, this is right up my street! Here is the challenge in summary: Share the story of a person you know or a made up character in 250 words or less. It … Continue reading

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FFfAW #121, 27th June

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Mark with @any1mark66, and what an image it is too! Botchy had got the co-ordinates wrong and he was in a right pickle. It wasn’t rocket science to realise he was in the … Continue reading

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First Line Friday -June 23rd 2017

Thanks Dylan. Your line for this week is: My parents are not generous, with money or affection.  https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/19271780/posts/1504974525 It’s not their fault though. Having an arranged marriage based on compatibility, they lived together but showed no outward feeling of emotion … Continue reading

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 23

Thanks Bikurgurl. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/40819174/posts/1494297119 Image Credit Jesse Williams Twenty years ago the area had been bustling with life and vitality. No matter what the time of day was, the Diner was popular with old and young alike. Pearl, the owner, was … Continue reading

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Short Story: Going Home

The road was familiar, one she had walked umpteen times in the dark. The car pulled out from the crossroads, and turned its lights off. She shouted ‘Lights!’ and continued on her way. Up ahead, her route led her towards … Continue reading

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Once upon a Time…..

Walking Maggie back from the supermarket this morning, my mind wandered to this. Do you believe in Time Travel? That Time Travel is possible or perhaps could be within your lifetime? If it were, would you want to go back … Continue reading

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The Future at Our Door

Technology has come a long way since colour TV, the first ATMs and mobile phones. Now they are talking about Internet Services being accessible through everyday household items such as fridges. That little light that comes on every time you … Continue reading

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