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Fibbing Friday The Truth 5th August

Here are the correct answers for my ten questions posted earlier today. abbozzo : a preiminary sketch absquatulate: to decamp, leave quickly, to flee biggin: a child’s tight fitting cap daedalist: aviator, pilot gamophobia: a fear of marriage holm: an … Continue reading

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Fibbing Friday: The truth 22nd October

I was unaware of some of these so thought some of you might be interested in the true answers. 1. A walk of snails (could also be a rout) 2. A bed of clams 3. A horde of hamsters 4. … Continue reading

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Fibbing Friday (the Truth)

Just in case anyone wanted to know the true answers: 1. What is a pince nez? A pair of glasses without ear pieces, which were pinched onto the nose to hold them in place. 2. Who had the original telephone … Continue reading

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