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Coming home: Our Wedding, part three

Oh boy. Apparently a train porter had been attacked and killed, and the entire public transport system came out on strike. We had a problem. I mean, a serious series of problems, the biggest of which was our tickets had … Continue reading

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Mop Fair

Apparently this dates back to the 12th century when people were looking for work and would attend a fair carrying one of the utensils of their trade. In later years, those who wanted to work but had no specific trade … Continue reading

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If One Does, They All Do!

  My first trip out of the country was in 1991 when we took a British Rail package deal to Amsterdam. We’d got married on the Friday, caught the train to Waterloo, then the Tube to Harwich. Our ‘bridal suite’ … Continue reading

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The Best Day of My Life.

  I am sure everyone has that special memory, when the heart swells with such overwhelming emotion, you are at a loss for words. It may seem unremarkable to many, but for you, it’s perfect.   For some, it could … Continue reading

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