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Do you believe the price tag?

SEVENTY FIVE QUID For a pair of ‘jeans’ that have no backside or front, and the knickers are not part of the deal. How can they be comfortable (let alone anything else) ? Images from google re TVs ‘Loose Women’, … Continue reading

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Argh! Put them away!!

It’s going to be another hot sweltering day, and you’d think that doing an impression of a walking sauna would shed pounds off me. Nope. Unfriendly scales this morning despite the speedy melon, raspberries, strawberries, nectarines, fresh apricots, peaches, salads, … Continue reading

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Coats of Many Colours

Hubby loves Dolly Parton’s classic song Coat of Many Colours. Walking the dog this morning in the snow (I kid you not) got me thinking of coats I have worn since a child. My earliest memory is a ‘camel coat’, … Continue reading

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We’re finally in fashion

We heard on the radio this morning that this is Woolly Hat Week. Hubby and I wear ours every day when we go out. Guess Fashion Week has finally caught up with us.

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Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink was a 1986 Rom-Com starring Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer. I can remember hiring it on video for ‘the girls’, but can’t remember the story I’m afraid. From the summary on the internet it’s a … Continue reading

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Feet first

I hate feet. With a passion. I always have. Even mine. If Hubby stubs his toe, I am taken back to the time he took a chunk out of it on the carpet edging strip and my stomach lurches. Blood … Continue reading

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