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Phone call consultation……. what phone call consultation?

I could have gone to the dentist with Hubby today as the expected telephone call was to book a telephone call. I kid you not. The guy who rang me to discuss my back issues (as I thought) was in … Continue reading

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Seeing Red today

I’m a Taurean right?  The sign of the bull, and we all know what happens when you wave a red flag at a bull………………. This is my good side………. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this, but … Continue reading

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They giveth, and someone else taketh away

You may remember how thrilled pleased we were in this post Well the mail lady brought another gem of despair monetary news to our door (not her fault, she’s lovely) insomuch as a change in interest rate on our meagre … Continue reading

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When the left doesn’t know what the right is doing

I’ve got to hand it to our surgery, they deserve an Oscar for their performance. Hubby is on yet more new pills, this time anti cholesterol that are not statins prescribed by the Consultant he saw at the hospital a … Continue reading

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Life’s a Gas, part 2

Yep, the saga of our gas bill goes on, and you’ll like this. I have received yet another email from BG from yet another person dealing with my complaint. In the tone of tolerating an annoying child (or at least … Continue reading

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Remember that Gas Bill part 2

Would you believe it. Having got on the internet and phone to our alternative supplier, some blithering idiot at their end has given THE WRONG READING to British Gas for our electricity. You’ll like this…………… an estimated reading some 115 … Continue reading

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today is confusing, frustrating, and a bloody farce. We have been with our current bankers for almost 20 years, and have never had a problem. That was until we sold our house, and were unable to give a permanent forwarding … Continue reading

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