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Birthday’s Past

I found myself thinking about a relative whose birthday it was today. She was related by marriage, being the fourth wife and widow of my paternal grandfather. Mum, Dad and I lived with them for almost a year in 1972-73. … Continue reading

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Early one morning…………..

I can’t believe I was happy to get up at 6.30 this morning. I’m no early bird, and find that I sleep heaviest (and best) between 6 and 7.30. When I was younger, my alarm was set for 7.30 and … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dad.

My Dad would have been 89 today. We have a candle burning by the photo of Mum and Dad on their silver wedding anniversary and one of my Father-in-law in uniform. The attached heart gizmo is spinning madly, so we … Continue reading

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Treading Carefully

When someone rich and famous dies, relatives seep, creep and eke out of the woodwork in the hope of getting their grubby hands on the spoils of inheritance. Disputes, ill feeling and contesting of the Will can follow, causing bigger … Continue reading

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It’s a Generation Thing.

I thought that with Mum gone, we were no longer a family of five living generations. My sister and two brothers now head the family of four generations. I can’t really include myself as I have no children. But as … Continue reading

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Legally Blinding

Syd Stone looked across at the vultures sitting around the boardroom table. Joanna was right, she didn’t know any of them. The funeral had taken some arranging, but it had gone off without a hitch, the Book of Condolence duly … Continue reading

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Seven Hours On

Following on from my previous post (and thank you all so much for your positive thoughts) both of us managed to get a few hours sleep, including the dog who curled up behind my knees which is always reassuring for … Continue reading

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Last Words

I haven’t done a Walk Thoughts post for a while, but at the moment I’m not walking as much as I did because of Maggie’s injury. So I’m cheating a bit and having a ‘Sitting Down’ thought instead, though actually … Continue reading

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Old favourites

Going through my blog photos looking for something in particular, I came across this and still find it funny. Here’s another one that also amused me at the time That’s me and Sis by the way. Never really seen eye … Continue reading

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Arthur’s Story

Arthur looked at Danny’s picture on the mantle. He was sitting on a park bench talking to a ‘stranger’. That stranger was Arthur himself, and he remembered that day as if it were yesterday. He had taken such a chance … Continue reading

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