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Family Christmas: a reblog for 15th December 2020

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Growing up, I loved the idea of a family Christmas as depicted by The Waltons on TV. Grandpa (Zeb) and Grandma (Esther), Libby and John, John Boy, Jason, Ben, Jim Bob, Mary-Ellen, Erin, and Elizabeth all…

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Someone’s else’s idea………….

A week or so ago I did a post on my card making and a reader mentioned sending a little package of cards to my aunt who had been unable to get out to purchase Easter cards. I’ve had a … Continue reading

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Family likeness

Reading Kate’s post (click here), it made me think of an idea I had for a post last week but had forgotten. I’ve often commented on how Mum looks back at me from the mirror and although this picture isn’t … Continue reading

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Three Years Ago today……………..

I was waiting for a response to two letters I’d sent to family about Humphrey, the original cancer that had been removed in a lumpectomy operation on October 31st. I had a phone call from one and a 125 word … Continue reading

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Full Stop

SIL is now safely back at base. It was wonderful to see her and catch up with the family news. With her latest phone gadget she was able to connect to Bro and we could see each other over the … Continue reading

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Preparing for a visitor.

As mentioned previously, my SIL is doing a detour from Kings Lynn and coming to see us. I’m really excited! When I went over to see Bro in 2010, she was marvellous and took me to loads of places in … Continue reading

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It’s a Mugs Game

Years ago, everyone had their own mug and even if you were visiting someone’s house, the chances were you’d be given the same drinking vessel each time. It wasn’t exactly a tradition, but it seemed to follow that when I … Continue reading

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Forty, Forty, and Forty

My eldest niece is forty this month. She’s a mum and Nanna, and I have no idea if a party is planned. The card has already been sent. I remember OB’s fortieth. I was living in Bath then and we … Continue reading

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Another Anniversary

Today marks Bro and SIL’s 30th and Pearl Wedding Anniversary. I’d sent them a card (not this one) a little while ago, and followed it up with an email last night as it was already the 2nd over there.   … Continue reading

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Dogs, pianos, candles and windows.

When we were in Boston this morning, we saw some old friends, got the required socks, had a cup of tea and then went into The Stump to light candles for the two Dads and my Mum. There’s an entry … Continue reading

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